Operation Liberation is a …

Black-led and Black centered non-profit organization located in Kansas City…that was founded to disrupt and dismantle systems and institutions of oppression— specifically the criminal (in)justice system here in the KC Metro area. Our work is rooted in a Black Queer Feminist politic and an Abolitionist view of a new world that affirms people, community, and care over profits, property, and punishment. We also believe that those most impacted are the most qualified to decide what safety looks like, and we aim to follow their leadership and guidance as we collectively work to build a transformed Kansas City without police and cages. Through our bailout program, mutual aid efforts, advocacy, and transformative justice work, we believe that when provided with the necessary life affirming resources,

we keep us safe… we keep us free.

Freedom House Collective

Freedom House is a community organizing collective and a shared space where the work of Operation Liberation, Zeke’s Freedom Foundation, and the Trans Empowerment Society’s lives. It is a home that we share with KC’s most impacted Black community and an incubator for furthering Kansas City’s rich history of Black-centered community organizing and Black Radical Tradition.

Our Bailout




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