Our Work

MISSION | Black Kansas Citians are disproportionately criminalized and caged while awaiting trial, due to over-policing and institutional anti-Blackness. Operation Liberation aims to remove barriers to Black liberation, end cash bail and pretrial detention, and dismantle oppressive systems designed to keep us in chains. We do this by providing bail support, restorative justice practices, mutual aid, and other life affirming resources to Black community, who are disproportionately incarcerated and criminalized for our survival.

VISION | Our vision is to abolish the violent institution of mass incarceration and the prison industrial complex that are rooted in anti-Blackness, and to build on the legacy of our Ancestors who resisted and fought for our freedom. Through this work, we envision a new world where people, community, and care are valued over profits, property and punishment.

Until We All Free


SELF-DETERMINATION – Operation Liberation believes in the collective power of Black people. We demand proper resources to govern ourselves and advance our community. Operation Liberation provides support and facilitates connections to resources which affirm Black people’s capacity for self-governance.

EQUITY – Operation Liberation demands social and economic justice through access to financial and social resources, education, housing, and other forms of sustainability; free of the barriers created to oppress Black people.

LIBERATION – Operation Liberation affirms the humanity of Black people. Through this work, we aim to free ourselves from the injustices of our oppressors, demand the removal of barriers that obstruct our growth and impede our self-determination, and build leadership infrastructure for our communities to re-claim our liberation.